October 24, 2016

Finding and adopting the best VoIP service can be a daunting task for businesses as well as individuals as market is already flooded with so many service providers. The process of choosing the right one gets easier when your needs guide you on making the selection. There are a lot of options in the market having their pros and cons, after analyzing them in detail you will be able to make the choice which suits you best.

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Computer-based VoIP is usually used among the phone users. The primary reason behind that is because this service can be availed for free specifically when users engage in communication and they primarily communicate through PC-to-PC over the internet. Skype is the best VoIP provider in this domain. Users of this service need to download, install and register this software in order to make a free call across the globe. The pre-requisites include high-speed internet connection, computer and headset. However, users who prefer calling on landlines and mobile phones via this technique pay a minimal charge i.e. 0.2 or 0.4 dollars per minute.

Residential VoIP can be installed just by replacing the existing telephone lines with the hardware telephone adapter provided by the specific service provider. Users of the service need to plug this hardware between their regular phone set and internet connection. The cost of this set up include one-time subscription fee along with a flat monthly charge. User have the freedom to choose different packages ranging from the one which allows you to make unlimited calls that include local, long –distance and international. Certain destinations only cover a limited number of destinations. Vopage and Vonium are the best service providers in this domain.

If you are wondering that how can you manage to reduce your landline & mobile phone bills? It would be advisable to invest in a mobile VoIP service plan. Apart from making the cheaper calls all around the globe, it also offers some additional benefits and features of VoIP technology on the go. Some of the best telecom companies offer these services. You just need to evaluate which is offering the best deal. There is also an option of no-monthly bill VoIP service which totally relies on the hardware shipped by the VoIP service provider. This service is similar to residential VoIP. However, it is to keep in mind that there is no monthly fee attached and users can pay as per their usage. It is better for those whose usage is minimal.

hosted-voip5Best Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP service is widely appreciated and availed in the business sector. It is a unified communication channel which has computer-centered networking and therefore deploying VoIP technology for both the consumers and employees is one of the excellent and effective communication solution. Users can choose a residential business plan if they work from home. On the other hands, larger businesses should select tailor-made business VoIP plans which can effectively reduce costs of the business and enhance their productivity.



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